Saturday, November 10, 2012

Girls und Panzer ED - Enter Enter MISSION!

TVアニメ 「ガールズ&パンツァー」 EDテーマ Enter Enter MISSION!
Girls und Panzer ED - Enter Enter MISSION!
Artist : Nisizumi Niho (CV: Fujigami Mai), Takebe Saori (CV: Kayano Ai), Isuzu Hana (CV: Ozaki Mami), Akiyama Yukari (CV: Nakagami Ikumi), Reijie Mako (CV: Iguchi Yuka)
Release Date : 2012/11/07
Catalog No. : LACM-14019
Download : mediafire4sharedminus

Track List :
1. Enter Enter MISSION!
2. それゆけ!乙女の戦車道!!
3. Enter Enter MISSION! (Instrumental)
4. それゆけ!乙女の戦車道!! (Instrumental)

1. Enter Enter MISSON!

2. それゆけ!乙女の戦車道!!


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